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 Class Descriptions
All guests to enter through the American Family Gate – East Side of Stadium.

REGISTRATION: 8:00 – 8:30

WELCOME: 8:30 – 9:00

SESSION 1: 9:00 – 10:00
– Altivar Drive Workshop Presented by Bryan Wichmann and James Schall, Crescent Electric Supply
In-depth discussions and live demonstrations of the next generation of Altivar variable frequency drives by Schneider Electric, including:

  1. The Altivar Process 630 series of variable speed drives has over 30 functions dedicated for pumping applications as well as functions for fan and simple material handling applications (1-250HP). The ATV630 features real time energy monitoring, keypad display, embedded fieldbus, and smart device monitoring.
  2. The Altivar Machine ATV320 is a variable speed drive designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that meets simple and advanced application requirements for 3 Phase synchronous and asynchronous motors from 0.25 to 20HP.
  3. The Altivar Process 930 variable speed drives and drive systems are dedicated to maximize productivity with excellent motor control and connectivity capabilities in advanced constant torque applications (1 to 250HP). The ATV930 is the first service oriented drive with embedded power measurement and energy dashboard and is specifically designed for industrial processes.

– 2017 Energy Rebate Programs Presented by Focus on Energy and Adam Pavlovich, Crescent Electric Supply
Focus on Energy helps Wisconsin businesses lower operational costs and improve their bottom lines through energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Participating in our business programs can help your company manage energy costs, control energy demand, protect the environment and promote in-state economic development. Each year, Focus on Energy updates and improves the programs it offers energy users of all sizes. Attend this session to see what’s new for 2017 and learn how to maximize the return on your energy saving initiatives this year.

SESSION 2: 10:30 – 11:30
– Variable Speed Drives Installation Practices Presented by Bryan Wichmann, Crescent Electric Supply

Many startup issues and operational problems can be avoided by following proper installation practices for variable frequency drives (VFDs). This presentation provides an overview of items to consider, such as the environment of the installation, incoming and output considerations, connected motor characteristics, etc. Following proper installation practices will ensure safety as well as improve the longevity and reliability of the installation.
Attendees of this course who complete an online quiz afterwards are eligible for 0.1 CEU.

– Electrical Safety / Arc Flash NFPA 70E Presented by Joe Pavia, Eaton’s Bussmann Division
An overview of hazards associated with exposure to electrical energy. Provides increased awareness of safety issues by highlighting safety standards and procedures. Finally, provides safety principles to be used for protecting individuals from potential injuries and even death caused by electrical hazards. The presenter will define the 4 categories of electrical hazards and discuss how current limitation affects incident energy levels during an arc flash event. Calculation methods for determining Arc Fault levels will be discussed as well as methods of improving safety levels in electrical equipment.

LUNCH & TRADE SHOW: 11:30 – 1:00

SESSION 3: 1:00 – 2:00
– Energy Monitoring and Management Presented by Chris Bodishbagh, Schneider Electric
Are people in your organization talking about Energy Monitoring, Energy Management, maybe even Sustainability? Can you help? Do you know how to uncover hidden wastes in your energy systems? Learn how you and Schneider Electric Power Solutions can help your facility or process utilize energy sources more efficiently. Remember, you can’t control what you don’t measure, let’s start today.

– Short Circuit Current Ratings Presented by Joe Pavia, Eaton’s Bussmann Division
In this seminar you will learn about how UL 508A affects you, how to calculate short-circuit current rating (SCCR), NEC 2017 changes concerning SCCR and understanding UL 508A.  Attendees will learn the distinction between equipment and panel ratings, which devices affect them, how these are determined and marking requirements.  Recent updates to UL508A Supplement SB will be reviewed along with strategies for achieving high SCCR ratings when needed to meet customer and competitive needs.

BREAK & TRADE SHOW: 2:00 – 2:30

SESSION 4:  2:30 – 3:30
– Machine of the Future Presented by Schneider Electric
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an evolution that has its origins in technologies and functionalities developed by visionary automation suppliers more than 15 years ago. End users and machine builders can now leverage their existing investments in technology and people while taking advantage of available new IIoT technologies.  Positioned at the convergence of traditional “Information Technology” (IT) and the ever growing “Operational Technology” (OT) located on the factory floor, the intelligence of the factory automation and enterprise levels are now connected by a common set of terms and language.  Learn about the technologies that enable better asset performance, greater process control and deeper insight for operators in order to deliver improved productivity and profits.

– Latest Technology for safer MRO and Condition Monitoring Presented by Mike McKibben, FLIR
FLIR Systems latest camera and meter technology makes Maintenance and Reliability easier, faster, and now safer than ever before.   We will review new technology for IR Imaging, Quick Report, new Test and Measurement Equipment as well as how the Ax8 offers affordable Continuous Condition Monitoring.

TRADE SHOW: 3:30 – 4:30

Questions: Contact Brittani Schneidewend at Brittani.Schneidewend@cesco.com.